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Done and Done

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Arrangements, Compositions, Ministry, Work

I finally rounded out my $25+ order so I could take advantage of free Super Saver shipping. What I needed was a MIDI to USB cable, and I found one that was well reviewed for $6. I made sure to order that one, given that multiple retailers were listed for the same basic item, delivering vastly different quality. Anyway, that’s what I needed (to start recording from my keyboard into Logic Pro for all my music responsibilities/dreams)… What I wanted was free shipping, so I added a couple books from my wish list. Comin’ my way are The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell and When God Interrupts. Really looking forward to both. Especially The 5 Levels of Leadership because I just started Great by Choice by Jim Collins, having been absolutely transformed by Good to Great. (My coach, Jason Hatley of The Journey Church, affirmed my recent purchase, describing how impact full it has been in his ministry and how much I’d enjoy it.) The Level 5 Leader criteria is a large part of Collins’ findings, and something I remember from reading Tribal Leadership a few years ago. And because I find myself in a place very much like the Great By Choice companies, I’m dying to dig into this season of study for the sake of my team, my church, my pastor, myself, and most importantly, my God – Who made me intentionally to reach and disciple as many people as possible for Him.


Crunching the Numbers

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Work

If there is one thing plaguing people’s emotional well-being, it is finances.  More specifically, being clueless about the current state of their finances.  This morning, I went to training with my financial mentor, Greg.  I discovered the terrible truth about CD (and savings) rates at banks and how financial institutions like banks and credit unions, etc. use our money to make all theirs, and charge us tons to do it!  Not surprising.  As Greg said, “look at their foyer then look at yours.”  We got updated copies of the Client Checkup Form, which I promptly copied when I got home and placed in the car as we set out for Chuck E. Cheese’s.  I was happy to strike up some conversations with some folks who wanted to become debt free, send their kids to college and discover whether their retirement would actually work when it came time.

My wife, on the other hand… not so pleased.  She has what Dave Ramsey calls the “security gland” that tenses up when money is tight or seems tight.  We had one of those “meetings” about where things were headed in the job arena and how we were going to make it.  It was then that I decided we needed to sit down together again for the family “budget committee meeting.”  I ran the numbers, with her income, my new adjusted income from just the church and all expenses.  Beginning with what we have saved right now, we discovered something… there is nothing to worry about.  I don’t need another job tomorrow.  In fact, I have a good 6 months before we even start to sweat.  As in the past, God has set us up to succeed when we weren’t even aware of it.  Because He is so good!  I’m telling you, things are only going to get better from here.  God has the right income sources for us… and when the time is right, He’ll let us in on the miracle.  Keep checking in… I’ll update you.

Now, what this means for YOU is, ya gotta crunch the numbers and see where you’re at, financially.  You probably make more than you realize AND spend more than you realize.  Both of those can be maximized to help you win with the right focus.  And I can help you with that.  In fact, I believe this is one of the primary reasons I exist, to help people eliminate debt, and create wealth.  All you gotta do is ask and I’m ready to get you where you wanna be.  Do you want to remove debt from your life and build wealth?  Discuss what ails you in the comments section.  Let’s get together on this, people.

Across the Table, part 2

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Work

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Stands to reason, right? But how COOL are the things that I learned last night. I want to shout from the rooftops, but I’m afraid I’ll get it wrong. But God has led me to a guy who knows and who is willing to teach. That is what my man Dave Ramsey told us to look for in a financial advisor – someone with the heart of a teacher. Blessings on Mr. Greg White for being that teacher with that kind of heart AND the curriculum to bring understanding! I’ve been the debtor, I’ve started saving, but the big news is what is above all that! I hope folks want to know more. When you want to ensure your money is doing what your family needs it to do, you hit me up at 760-793-5037 and we’ll get it going in the right direction… UP & TO THE RIGHT!

Across the Table

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Work

Looking forward to meeting with Greg tonight about our current financial situation and what financial services he can provide. I filled out the simple survey he gave us and hope that he can offer some wonderful advice for us to make our money work better for us in the long run and maybe even in the short term. I’ll add an update when we know more.

Offering Financial Services

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Work

I’ve been a Dave Ramsey / Financial Peace University (FPU) fan for 4 years now.  We’ve gotten out of credit card debt and the habit of buying things we can’t afford.  Life is better.  We have more money and less stress.  Because I believe so strongly in the program and what is taught, it has been my goal to coordinate as many FPU classes as possible, as often as I can.  I’ve taken my family through it, my 2011 life group, and “an entire” church (meaning the fantastic REFUGE Foursquare church opened itself up to whoever would come from within the church and also from the community).  Hearing the lessons over and over have reinforced the concepts in my mind and the Littles are implementing these ideas more and more.

I’ve wondered what it might look like after the class ends for those folks who are beyond the 3rd baby step.  (We are still on 2 – Pay off all debt except the house.)  And could I possibly come alongside at that time to offer products / services that Dave Ramsey recommends.  Well, I’m looking into that now.  Perhaps there is a way that I can.  I would love to become an official COUNSELOR, trained by the Dave Ramsey team in Nashville (or wherever).  Maybe even an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).  We’ll see what happens.

A buddy of mine, a man of God, an evangelist and a Jamaican, Worrell, brought an idea to me that I’m exploring right now.  That is, exploring the possibility of expanding my usefulness after classes end and offering financial services.  At the beginning stages of this, I’m gathering information with feelings of excitement and dread.  I’m walking cautiously but excitedly.  Another Christian gentleman, Greg, is making himself available to me.  He has tons of experience (since 1984) and is the kind of man I respect – who faithfully attends, serves and supports his local church.  I’m looking forward to discovering what this may bring.  Prayers welcome.

Starting a Business

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Work

I called Jen a week or so ago and asked if she would bring home business license paperwork for me to fill out.  (She does this, professionally.)  I’m not sure I’ve seen the paperwork yet, but that’s okay.  I haven’t landed on the one idea I will pursue with all vigor.  We’ll see what happens.