Jeff Who?

I’m a Christian husband of a beautiful wife and two beautiful children, who are all precious to me.  God has gifted me with musical interest, and perhaps some ability (depends on who you ask), so I write, arrange and ‘perform’ music.  Along with music, I love video games, movies, and some television (and to be fair, some photography).  I’m continually growing into the man God wants me to be in the next seasons of ministry.  Starting out as the piano player for a friend, Sean, as he led worship and growing into the laziest church planter ever, into the music director, into worship leader into worship arts pastor, I’ve been many places (in church arts, anyway).  I believe God has even more in store for me as I’m faithful at each level.  But while I can see Executive or Administrative Pastor in the future, I really plan to remain in Worship Arts and get closer to perfecting that in a local context before moving onto the next step.  With God’s help, I’ll be successful in that.


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