Now, Mr. Spock

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Arrangements, Compositions

Just a brief update… Today, my hopes were realized when Best Buy offered iTunes gift cards at 20% off! So I bought $200 worth of Apple credit with $160 real dollars. Then, I proceeded directly to the App Store and purchased my very own Logic Pro app. I installed it, and recorded sermon series intros and outros for Transformed Speech and Fearless Faith. It worked like a dream. Everything is so user-friendly. So now, the drums Gary recorded for me will go into Logic, not GarageBand. I feel so much more robust! Oh, and tonight I downloaded ALL the extra 18GB of extra content which is now all installed too! Also, it has a 64-bit mode I can switch on if I need to utilize my extra RAM (beyond the once max 4GB). Since MacBook Pros can currently support 8, naturally, I have twice as much to work with. We’ll see if I ever need it.

This is so awesome. And I have the wonderful praise team from Ridgecrest to thank for it. Their incredible gift, of Gazelle-intense cash, made this purchase entirely possible. So I’mo send a copy of the CD to each of them as a thank you when it is done. Shhh. Don’t tell. (Can you tell I’m thrilled right now?!)


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