Week 1 @/In/Of The Refuge

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Ministry

What an incredible first week.  Although, this would have been incredible for ANY week.  Led worship on Wednesday and Sunday with my new, fantastic friends on the Worship Arts Team, participated in a beautiful baptism service where 7 people demonstrated their faith in Jesus, and got to make a bunch of cool stuff for the church, including a discipleship Motion for OSL, Keynote announcement for Kyria, and cut together the baptism recap video.

There is so much encouragement at The Refuge.  The Lead Pastor discovers and casts the vision God has for the church, then he releases us to serve in our areas with clear expectations and authority to accomplish those “God ideas.”  (Because we aren’t after “good ideas,” but “God ideas.”)  Our drummer keeps sending notes of affirmation, along with the bass players and others.  Others serving with me on the platform will just pull me aside and bless me.  What an environment.  What a refuge!

Although it was a great first experience, leading the church in praise, I know that God has set for me a new path of discovery into more free worship, both as a leader and an active participant.  I’m excited and humbled by it all, simultaneously.  Thankfully, I have people around me who will model, recommend, and promote the forthcoming growth.

Oh, and we finally get to re-enter a focused, intentional discipleship program, Operation: Solid Lives.  Not just Jen and me, but my aunt, uncle and grandmother!  We are stoked!  (All this, AND we got home while it was still light out – even after installing the new 60″ flat screen in the sanctuary, saving 5 hours – just on Sunday!)

All I can make of this is, God knows the thoughts He thinks toward us – and those thoughts and ways of His led us here for all these reasons and more.  We can’t wait to uncover what’s next every step of the way.


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