Demo Checkup

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Compositions

How incredible to connect with your drummer friend who is, just this week, gigging at the Venetian in Vegas AND charting out his parts for your recording! Gary, Gary, Gary… So stoked that he is part of this thing. I know the music is just going to spring to life with his masterful skill underpinning it.

So I dug out the equipment and plugged it all in, dialed in the settings for multitrack recording through the BOSE T1 and am quite pleased to have discovered both an easy way to bypass my OSX 10.7 sound issues and BOSE L1 buzz issues in the same evening. (The L1 trim knob can be all the way down to eliminate the buzz, if you use the T1 for your inputs.)

I’ll probably just use GarageBand for this demo recording. ProTools 8 won’t work with Lion and Avid doesn’t think this is a problem. I don’t have Logic Pro yet, but will save towards it… after I secure another source of income. I’m not sure if the T1 or the Apogee Duet is the way to go, but I already own the T1, so I’ll probably start there.

Aaron, funky bass-man, Parker may join us live, but if time works against us, will add his part in post. Worked great on The Harvest is Here! And Sean, I’m too young for this gig, Sooter will add harmony vocals in post as well. All in all, the best people I know and have had the pleasure to know, gig, and worship with. Great guys, all. Can’t wait for you to hear what we create together.

Q: What do you prefer to record with and why?


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