Last Hurrah, part 1

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Ministry

Rehearsal and development time was wonderful tonight. Not only did we get through some great music, like The Only Name (Yours Will Be), and By Faith, but we added 2 new members to the 2nd service team and one of those is brand new to the church! In the development time, I explained the Good to Great principles from Jim Collins, like The Hedgehog Concept of determining what you are best at and have most potential in and focusing with laser intensity on that only. I also told them about First Who, who on the team, who in leadership, who to recruit, who to train, who to reach with the message, our target everything… I’m hoping that in this transition, equipped with this valuable knowledge and inspiration, they will carry the torch towards collaborative creation of a program that will allow my prayers of that church accomplishing the stated goals of effectively ministering to new generations to be answered, even in my absence. We’ll see if the fire keeps burning. I certainly hope it does, for the sake of the church and The Church.


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