Yep, I’m Fatter Than I Wanna Be

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Food

Why am I hearing Weird Al Yankovic and Michael Jackson in my head right now?  Anyway, I’ve been weighing in at 222 for many months, now.  Seriously, 222 lbs.  Not that I think there is much wrong with that weight… and it’s easy to remember.  But, my problem is – all the extra resides in my gut!  The dietician we saw for our scrawny son said I should be around 180, but that if I wanted to carry a little more bulk (preferably in muscle), 200 wouldn’t be the end of the world.  So that’s kind of what I’m shooting for… and muscles.  I think I can shed the pounds… not so confident about the muscles part.  I’m told that requires exercise.  Sounds like a stalemate waiting to happen.  If any ground is gained, I’ll consider posting before and after pictures.  But not unless there is a marked improvement and I begin looking like Jason Statham.  (Why him?  His hairline and awesomeness, obviously.)


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