Offering Financial Services

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Work

I’ve been a Dave Ramsey / Financial Peace University (FPU) fan for 4 years now.  We’ve gotten out of credit card debt and the habit of buying things we can’t afford.  Life is better.  We have more money and less stress.  Because I believe so strongly in the program and what is taught, it has been my goal to coordinate as many FPU classes as possible, as often as I can.  I’ve taken my family through it, my 2011 life group, and “an entire” church (meaning the fantastic REFUGE Foursquare church opened itself up to whoever would come from within the church and also from the community).  Hearing the lessons over and over have reinforced the concepts in my mind and the Littles are implementing these ideas more and more.

I’ve wondered what it might look like after the class ends for those folks who are beyond the 3rd baby step.  (We are still on 2 – Pay off all debt except the house.)  And could I possibly come alongside at that time to offer products / services that Dave Ramsey recommends.  Well, I’m looking into that now.  Perhaps there is a way that I can.  I would love to become an official COUNSELOR, trained by the Dave Ramsey team in Nashville (or wherever).  Maybe even an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).  We’ll see what happens.

A buddy of mine, a man of God, an evangelist and a Jamaican, Worrell, brought an idea to me that I’m exploring right now.  That is, exploring the possibility of expanding my usefulness after classes end and offering financial services.  At the beginning stages of this, I’m gathering information with feelings of excitement and dread.  I’m walking cautiously but excitedly.  Another Christian gentleman, Greg, is making himself available to me.  He has tons of experience (since 1984) and is the kind of man I respect – who faithfully attends, serves and supports his local church.  I’m looking forward to discovering what this may bring.  Prayers welcome.


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