Something’s Gotta Give

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Overall

My life has been crazy for far too long. I’m overweight with back pain and indigestion, I’m in a stressful job with all the responsibility and no authority, and my ministry is hindered for the same reason as my ministry… they are, in fact, the same thing… but not for long.

I’ve decided to make some radical changes to my life.

I’ve given 30 days notice to my employer and church.
I’m starting a 30 day juice fast (may go longer).
I’m starting my own business in order to minister in freedom at high levels of leadership at a new church.

My hope is that I will lose unnecessary weight, regain spiritual effectiveness and encouragement, and become more financially secure than ever before. I also desire to be pain free in my back and digestive tract. During this time, because I will need things to focus on, I will be completing long overdue projects such as: producing and sending out piano/vocal/drums demos of my original praise and worship music, publishing my own contemporary arrangements of hymns, and writing a book for young-ish Christians, to be e-published online at completion.

I know God is faithful and wants to give good gifts to His children (read, including me) so I have every expectation that my efforts will be prosperous. I plan to chronicle the adventure here, including all the temptations towards giving up the dreams I have and how I will overcome them each in turn. 1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that we can overcome temptation by God’s faithful help. So I’m confident. Welcome to my new life. It starts now!


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