New Bibles

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My wife and I just got new Bibles today.  Great NKJV Bibles from Jack Hayford.  The New Spirit-Filled Life Bible.  She got the Black cover and I got the Brown.  Awesome!  We use this version in our discipleship program, Operation: Solid Lives.  It will be nice to have the same version as everyone else – and the screen – and the workbook… 🙂


Think Dave Ramsey, Jon Acuff, Michael Hyatt… handling BUSINESS in the real world – with integrity.  They look to Jesus as their example and their messages bear that out.  In the different ways they influence others, teaching, writing, speaking, finance, humor, outreach, these guys are expanding the reach of the Kingdom.

Dave Ramsey, of The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University fame, teaches people God’s (and Grandma’s) ways of handling money.  He teaches people how to put scripture into practice so they get out of debt and never again become “slave to the lender.”  He and his team have developed a wonderful 13-week course that we’ve been going through for years now, both as students and as coordinators.  But he wasn’t satisfied with that.  He knew that if the material could be condensed, more people could be helped.  So they went back to the drawing board and created a brand new 9-week FPU!  I am so excited to get that going in Corona.

Jon Acuff is now a part of Dave Ramsey’s team, and is a popular blogger and speaker, author of Stuff Christians Like and Quitter (both I recommend).  His unique perceptions and voice help folks from both sides get a glimpse of Christendom – as it exists in our current culture.  And he does it in a “check this out, everybody” kind of way that doesn’t alienate pre-Christians.

And my newest “find,” Michael Hyatt, of Platform fame (well, that’s not really fair – he did run Thomas Nelson Publishers 🙂 has really excited me, in terms of building up, shining a spotlight on, and slapping new paint on my own platform.  I’m mostly trying to reach my praise team at The Refuge, but I run a couple other things as well.  His advice is really helping accomplish the goal of reaching an audience.

Now, if more Christians can put their faith out there and live up to the precepts in scripture, America would be in a lot better shape.  I’m keeping my eyes on Jesus and learning what the Word says about how to live, love my family and friends, conduct business, minister to my church, etc.  I know he will help me.  After all, I do remember James saying in chapter 1, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”  How much does THAT rule?  God will do what He said He will do.  I love that about Him. Who do you know in the public spotlight that is making a difference FOR the Kingdom?

Actually, a DUET 2 from Apogee, which just arrived today!  I’m about to unbox and connect it now and am so excited. These inputs I’ve heard so much about, and the ability to just use the hardware (DUET2), software (Logic Pro 9), and OSX 10.7, instead of Avid’s approach of selling ProTools 8 on the heels of Lion and not supporting it.  LAME.  I’m hugely upset with them over that, and will no longer be a customer of theirs… ProTools or not.  Logic Pro has been KILLING IT over here and I’m thrilled at the product.  So, I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’ve been setting up my home studio intentionally so that this day could be as plug-and-play as possible.  Lots of great stuff to come, I’m sure.


UPDATE: It’s all plugged in and working PERFECTLY!  BAM!  I love this thing.

First Fruits

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Daniel is doing excellent CAD work with a local company as he continues his education. His current project is a video presentation for the upcoming trade show. He asked if I would create music for it. Normally, I would score to something like this… to which he said… Normally, I create to score. So I bit the bullet and jumped into my new Logic Pro and got to work. A few hours later emerged a piece I’m proud of, that moves/grooves and doesn’t feel stale, despite the loops contained within. I took loops, samples, and recorded my own MIDI keyboard work into it. It plays back at a great level and hits the 3 minutes he was looking for. And my favorite thing about it, is I planned to have it (and the video) repeat on constant and imperceptible loop. The music will accommodate that! When listening to it on repeat, you don’t hear the repeat point.

And just after that, looking forward to our new sermon series at church, which was only going to be 3 weeks, but is blossoming before our eyes into more, I created new podcast “bookends” WITH MUSIC, this time. I’m stoked to hear the upload later today and how it all turned out. The series is called Transformed Prayer, so I drew inspiration from The Lord’s Prayer (“For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory FOREeeeeeeeVer!”) and used that motive in the intro. The podcast ending comes from my holiness class a few years back, where I set Colossians 3:1-17 to music. I took the original ending drums and built new and extended instrumentation around it. And it is funky gospel goodness. I’m very excited to use it for the ministry. I’ll try to link the podcast here when it posts so you can check it out. And the video Daniel creates.

Juice FAIL

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Around noon today, I created a monster out of the following: carrots, strawberries, apples, celery, and lemon.  Can’t go wrong with a combination like that… except you can.  It was not delicious.  Everything fought each other for primary taste position.  It was not good.  And when I burped, it had the faintest hint of bile.  Not recommended, regardless of how the picture looks.

Please, hook me up with some delicious juice recipes, besides Mean Green, which is delicious, and just carrots.  Because left to my own devices, I would default to that.  Here’s that juice this morning.


Today is the day we take back the downstairs bedroom! It will become my studio. The bed may stay. We’ll see. Perhaps up against the wall unless needed. But the keys, mics, amps, mixer, computer, power. They all get routed properly starting now. Here’s the BEFORE shot (completely my doing).


Oh, and if you have any suggestions about setting up a dynamic home recording studio, please send a comment my way.

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Done and Done

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Arrangements, Compositions, Ministry, Work

I finally rounded out my $25+ order so I could take advantage of free Super Saver shipping. What I needed was a MIDI to USB cable, and I found one that was well reviewed for $6. I made sure to order that one, given that multiple retailers were listed for the same basic item, delivering vastly different quality. Anyway, that’s what I needed (to start recording from my keyboard into Logic Pro for all my music responsibilities/dreams)… What I wanted was free shipping, so I added a couple books from my wish list. Comin’ my way are The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell and When God Interrupts. Really looking forward to both. Especially The 5 Levels of Leadership because I just started Great by Choice by Jim Collins, having been absolutely transformed by Good to Great. (My coach, Jason Hatley of The Journey Church, affirmed my recent purchase, describing how impact full it has been in his ministry and how much I’d enjoy it.) The Level 5 Leader criteria is a large part of Collins’ findings, and something I remember from reading Tribal Leadership a few years ago. And because I find myself in a place very much like the Great By Choice companies, I’m dying to dig into this season of study for the sake of my team, my church, my pastor, myself, and most importantly, my God – Who made me intentionally to reach and disciple as many people as possible for Him.